A short introduction for our english speaking customers

Privat Charter Ostsee is a German company located in Kiel, in the north of Germany.We have about 480 sailboats and motor yachts for hire, from almost every harbour on the German Baltic coast, and also from some Danish ports near the German border.
Some harbours:
Flensburg, Kiel, Heiligenhafen, Lübeck, Rostock, Stralsund, Isle of Rügen,
Isle of Fehmarn

As one of the most popular and recommended German agencies, we will help you
to find the best suitable yacht for your holiday on the Baltic Sea.

The Yachts:
All our yachts belong to private owners who either maintain their own boat, or have a service-contract with a specialised company. Yachts are available for hire on a weekly basis, usually starting on a Saturday.
All hire yachts in Germany must have the German “Bootszeugnis” which is an official certificate for bareboat charter vessels under German law.This certificate is issued every two years by a German institution after a safety inspection of the vessel and her equipment. This guarantees a yacht in good condition and an enjoyable sail.

The captain
All our boats are rent without crew. This means that as a skipper you need the appropriate qualifications. Legally, a sailing license from your country of origin is required. By European law, if you are entitled to sail a similar yacht in your own country, you also have this right in every other EU country.

The Baltic Sea
If this is to be your first experience of the Baltic Sea, you will be surprised by the beauty of our coasts and you will be astonished by our great sailing area. Starting from any German harbour, you are within a day’s sailing of Danish waters, one of the nicest sailing areas of the Baltic Sea.
Navigation on the Baltic Sea is very easy, there are no tides, fairways are clearly marked and sailing at night should be without problems for an experienced crew. Distances between harbours are usually very short, allowing you to plan long or short stages, at your convenience.

The Harbours
Harbours on the Baltic Sea are well prepared for cruising yachts. You will easily find a berth for the night, there is no need to call the Harbour Master or to give any advance notification, just enter harbour and find a nice berth for the night. Harbour fees are very reasonable, between 10 and 20 EUR per night all included.

Making your choice
If you wish to look for the most suitable yacht for you and your crew, there are several possibilities:

If you have the exact dates of your holidays,
we recommend the following link: Yacht suchen (Yacht search)

If you just wish to have a look at the boats on offer,
use the link: Häfen Ostsee (All harbours as a map)

If you are still hesitating and/or need some advice, please send us an email:

Or call us: 0049 431 71 97970 - we will be glad to help you.

You could also try this link, which is an automatic translation system
This site in English (some of the translation might make you smile!)

The Contract
Once you have chosen your yacht, we shall send you the contract and all the necessary documents. You will find all the information needed: name of the owner, price including all possible reductions, mode of payment, amount of deposit, owner’s telephone number, exact address and description of the harbour, schedule etc.

If you agree with the terms and conditions, just send us back a signed copy of the contract,
and your fantastic sailing holidays on the Baltic Sea will become a reality!